Suggestions for Project Learning Tree Kit


Note: Many items can be purchased at a department or dollar store. Kit is suitable for a class of 24 children.

Tree Cookies - Available from Bill Kleinhans, 850-526-2897,

Classroom set of 30 cookies representing 3 or more species (can make special requests). Includes special Teacher Cookie. Cost: ~ $25.00

Peppermint Beetle - Purchase peppermint extract, cotton swabs, from grocery store. ~ $5.00

How Big is Your Tree - Purchase plastic rulers and measuring tape, one for every two children, from dollar store. ~ $25.00

Fallen Log - Purchase tweezers from department store, one for every two children. ~ $36.00

We all need Trees - Purchase items from the list of Virginia forest products:

Also, purchase unusual items such as paint, cork, rayon, “plastic” gloves. Cost: $30.00. Optional: Purchase hand lenses for observing cells in forest products.

Name that Tree - Request 24 Tree ID Books from Jeff Kirwan or Va. Dept. Forestry county forester. Cost: $24.00. Optional: Purchase pruning shears to remove samples.

Water Wonders - Box of envelopes ~ $2.00. (Also use as a Virginia forest product)

General items - Masking tape, colored paper, scissors, marking pens, pieces of cardboard (for use as a clip board) ~ $20.00.

Total Cost: $ 163.00

Books to read to children:

  • The Lorax
  • The Man Who Planted Trees
  • The Cat in the Hat
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Tracey S. Sherman